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Visiting new places, meeting new people, and trying some delightful cuisines would surely make one feel as though they are on another planet.


However, as we go through those pictures and memories, that we took long back. We hardly able to recall the time and places we captured those photographs, and we ended up just guessing some or the other place. 


And that’s where the technology comes into the picture to get you out of this misery so that you don’t forget those wonderful times you spent years ago.

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Using GPS map camera: Geotag photos & add GPS location is one such app that can assist you to get rid of this issue, all you need to do is download the app into your smartphone.


With this app not only, you can click some amazing and beautiful pictures, but also you can add GPS coordinates of your live location within the picture.


The app will let you stamp the information such as date, time, location in the photographs that are taken from your smartphone using the GPS map camera application.

This app not only just works as a Photography or a stamping app but it also works as a navigation app for you by providing you information (latitude, longitude, altitude, temperature, city, state, country names, and many more) stamped within the picture itself. Not only that you can also change the GPS coordinates manually by entering the details and stamp them on your current photo, which you will click from your smartphone.

Why you should have this app on your smartphone:


1. Easily get your location stamp on the photo.

2. Add geotag stamp to your pictures.

3. Add photo location stamp with GPS information on your photograph.

4. It works as a GPS note cam.

5. Add custom GPS coordinates to your photo.

6. Track and share your live location while clicking some amazing pictures from the app using your smartphone.

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Food bloggers, travel bloggers, and fashion bloggers, for example, will conveniently use such an app to Geo-tag their images. Individuals who enjoy travelling, exploring, or attending events can take and share pictures with their loved ones and on social media directly with all the GPS information stamped on the photo, which will let them know about the places you have been travelling, exploring, and attending. 

GPS map camera is a multi-purpose app that can be used not only for photography but also for navigation.


Download & Click Photos with GPS map Camera: Geo tag Photos & Add GPS Location App.

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