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If it’s a vacation you took or a trip to a particular place With the GPS Map camera stamp application, you can add a date, time, map, latitude, longitude, altitude, weather, magnetic field, and compass to your camera images.

GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location helps you to keep track of your current location as well as the photos you’ve taken.


You can share your Geo-tagged Street / Place photos with your family and friends, as well as tell them about your travel plans.

How do I include a GPS map position in a photo?

Install GPS Map Camera on your smartphone to Geo tag photos and add a GPS location application. 

Arrange the stamp formats and settings to meet your needs for a GPS map location stamp. 

Automatically add GPS location stamps to your clicked photos

Forget the place when you click the picture, well by having a GPS map camera app not only you can capture some beautiful images but with that, you will also be able to track your live location through the camera.     
Features of GPS Map Camera:


– Adjust your camera settings with grid, ratio, rotation, flash, and focus support. 

– Import dates and timestamps from a variety of formats 

– Map, Address, Latitude Longitude, Weather, Magnetic Field, and Compass Templates 

– Note cam function in the template 

– Choose whether the map should be automatic or manual.

– Select a map type (Normal, Satellite, Terrain, or Hybrid) from the drop-down menu. 

– Set GPS Coordinates for GPS Stamp from DMS or Decimal Options 

– Choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit as the temperature unit.

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Why have GPS Map Camera Application in Your Smartphone


  •       You get your exact location
  •       What time it was clicked
  •       Temperature
  •       Weather
  •       latitude / Longitude





GPS Map Camera is an app for everyone who enjoys taking pictures with their smartphone and adding their location to the picture before sharing it with friends or on social media sites.

Most Useful Application for Following Groups of People:

– Geo-tagging cameras can be very useful for travellers and explorers.

– People in the real estate, infrastructure, and design industries can easily stamp their Site Images with a GPS Map Location stamp. 

– People planning destination weddings, birthday parties, festivals, anniversaries, and other activities can utilise this app very easily by clicking pictures with the location inputs stamp on the photograph.

– This App is for anyone who wants to add GPS details to their photos and use them as a GPS note cam and share with their loved ones.

– Persons having outstation Meetings, conferences, Conclaves, Meetups, Events arranged by companies or Institutions can take images by the cam with GPS coordinates stamp on it.

– Bloggers in the fields of travel, food, fashion, and art will enhance their experiences by using the GPS Map Camera to add GPS Location.

– Businesses that are location-based and involve sending photos with a live location to clients can take the advantage of this app.


Download & Click Photos with GPS map Camera: Geo tag Photos & Add GPS Location App.

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