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There are social charms and daily wonders in mega urban areas and major cities all over the universe, and in all of that Are you willing to travel to the farthest reaches of the globe? In today’s culture, travelling and discovering the world has become a leisure activity.


While bringing a heavy DSLR to some locations might not be practical, having a proper smartphone with an excellent camera app will enable you to travel about and take pictures on the go without worry. 


GPS Map Camera is an app that not only takes incredible images but also acts as a navigation aid when you’re lost in a new location. With its features and functionality, you can conveniently take photos that include all of the GPS coordinates.

Works as Photography app:

Having a good app is something people look out for and it is difficult to get that one app that can satisfy all of your requirements can be challenging.
GPS Map camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location his is an app for anyone who enjoys taking pictures on the go and wants to know more about their images and location. 
With its beautifully crafted camera, you get some awesome camera settings to adjust such as, Camera ration, rotation, flash settings, adjusting the focus of your image, putting a timer, or even using the grid to position your photo while you’re capturing the shot.

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Works as Navigation app:


Whether you’re visiting new places or exploring the outskirts of town, you’re bound to get lost. And, believe it or not, you don’t like asking people these days, and so you end up depending on your smartphone for assistance.


Likewise, if you have a GPS map camera app installed on your smartphone, you can see your current location on the camera screen. You can easily have all the information (date, time, place, state, region, latitude, longitude, altitude, temperature) stamped on the camera screen without even using other app. You can also even take photos for your records.

Manually added coordinates

Why Do You Need a GPS Map Camera App on Your Smartphone?

– To stamp photos with a satellite map

– To stamp photos with a GPS map position

– To stamp photos with a geotag

– To stamp photos with a photo location stamp

– To Have a Date and Time Stamp

– Functions as a GPS note camera, stamping GPS coordinates on images

– To stamp images with longitude, latitude, address, date-time, and position

– To see whether images have a GPS tracker stamp – To get a place picture stamp


Download & Click Photos with GPS map Camera: Geo tag Photos & Add GPS Location App.

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