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While scrolling back the photo album on the phone, do you recall all the places where they actually clicked? Not really? If you use a GPS Map camera app on your phone, the photos you take from the app camera will have your current location stamped on them, making it impossible to forget where and when those photos were taken.

Can you recall the last time you came to a halt and asked anyone to tell you where you were? That was most likely a long time ago.



With this camera navigation app, you can even survive in the middle of nowhere, by just clicking the picture as your live location will automatically get a stamp on it.



GPS Map Camera is an app for everyone who likes to take a picture through their smartphone and likes to add their location stamp on the picture while sharing with their loved ones or on social media platforms.

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How to use the GPS Map camera app !?


  1. Android app market.
  2. Arrange the format of the stamps such as date and time style.
  3. Adjust the camera’s default settings, such as Grid, Ratio, and flash settings, as well as Focus support. 
  4. Add the map, address, latitude, longitude, weather, magnetic field, and compass templates as required.
  5. Add your GPS coordinates manually if you want to add location information of some other place, otherwise, the app will automatically detect it for you and will stamp on the picture.
  6. Start tracking your live location simply by clicking pictures through your smartphone.

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Most Efficient Application for Following Groups of People:

– Travelers and explorers will make good use of geo-tagging cameras.

– People in the real estate, infrastructure, and architecture industries can easily add a GPS Map Location stamp to their Site Images.

– People planning destination weddings, birthday parties, festivals, anniversaries, and other activities.

– This app is for someone who wants to add GPS information to their picture and use it as a GPS notecam.


– People attending outstation meetings, conferences, Conclaves, Meetups, or Events organized by organizations or institutions to solve and serve a specific purpose.

 – Travel, Food, Fashion, and Art Bloggers may enhance their experiences by using the GPS Map Camera to add GPS Location.

Location-based companies, where you need to give clients photos with a live location.


Download & Click Photos with GPS map Camera: Geo tag Photos & Add GPS Location App.

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