How do Educational Institutions Share about Events Using GPS Map Camera?

Educational Institutes include schools, colleges, universities, tuitions, etc, and institutions among all of these are known for their different campus cultures and management.


Each Institute has some uniqueness due to which students desire to take admission to one or the other institutions. It is very hard for students to decide where to apply for admission and where not to, because of the wide range of institutional choices. But, educational institutions have their own and different pretty much good publicity strategies to be in the race for longer.


Some of the educational institutions connect themselves with the audience using social media platforms, while some include digital advertising, most of these institutions creates mobile-friendly websites, where others encourage their existing students to leave an online review, some try a video marketing strategy, and few of them have their own institutional apps.


All the above-mentioned strategies work in their own best ways, but have you noticed? That all these are technology-based, where websites, apps, review forms, posts, videos, etc are the main part of any strategy.


While using all of the above, the GPS Map Camera gives hand to hold any institutions to show their charming, exciting, friendly, and facilitative environment with photos and videos on their websites and apps.


Let’s see, How Educational Institutions are already using the one and only, best ever GPS Map Camera to improve their site visibility in the world with pictures.



Every educational institution avails success through these publicity campaigns around the city, state, or country to attract students and make them notice something which is going on the campus and for the campus. 

Events, lectures, visits, celebrations, social services, etc are a part of publicity when some information regarding it is shared with the world through some media. Isn’t it? Yes off course.


GPS Map Camera is used widely for publicity purposes by schools, colleges, and universities of different fields, which helps them to allow people to look at photos and know about their campaigns and events with location details.


  • When any of new facility is being introduced by any of institution. 

For e.g: a government engineering college, in Chhattisgarh, used GPS Map Camera to show the mechanical equipment available in the college for students.


  • When necessary to share about safety equipment location details within the college.

For e.g: a government women’s college from Odisha used GPS Map Camera and shared a photo with location details to make students aware of fire extinguisher availability on the campus.


  • When any new activity with a new idea is developed by students on campus.

For e.g: a medical Homeopathy college, in Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu used a GPS Map Camera to share about water recycling system implemented inside the college.


Polytechnic department of MS university also used GPS Map Camera. This is how any educational institution can do publicity outside or within a college or university by using GPS Map Camera.


Events and celebrations are joyful when more and more people engage when more and more people talk about it when more and more people show excitement about it.

GPS Map Camera is also believed to be a part of all these universities’ celebrations and loves to capture all the fun moments. Let’s see how educational institutes use GPS Map Camera in their event ceremonies.

  • A college in Assam, India, and a Medical college in Karnataka, India used GPS Map Camera to click photos of their flag hosting function.

  • A dental college in Pune, India used GPS Map Camera to click pictures with location details of different events for their website gallery.

  • A Medical College in Uttarakhand, India used GPS Map Camera to click pictures of district sports day events in their college campus.

A college in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India used GPS Map Camera to click and share decorations done by them for the independence day celebration.

Expert Lectures

The most important thing any educational institute focus on is how students can learn more and for that they conduct training programs, guest lectures, workshops, etc on regular basis to enhance students’ knowledge in all aspects.


But, all these efforts as an educational institute for their student’s betterment should be known to the candidates who are planning for further studies in so and so colleges. It helps them to figure out which institution suits best to him/her where they can upgrade their confidence by gaining knowledge regularly from experts.


A number of institutions use GPS Map Camera to click ongoing workshop programs pictures with date-time and location detailed stamps for their website gallery, social media pages, and brochures.

Industrial visits

Educational visits are special because it is a new and exciting way of learning and all these educational institutions know it well, so they conduct live learning sessions for students and call it an industrial visit.


GPS Map Camera loves to visit and learn, that’s why educational institutions always book a seat for it, and in return GPS Map Camera allows them to click pictures with live geolocation stamps for their websites, apps, photo galleries, and reports which drives more number of student enrollments every year.


Community services

Social service is a good habit and that’s why educational institutions believe to inspire students to help needy people. For this, institutions have different departments where students can join and carry out certain related campaigns.


Educational institutes with this idea use GPS Map Camera to motivate and inspire other by capturing and sharing social activities photos and by adding location stamps on them, these photos can help other social communities to reach out and help likewise.


Educational institutes use GPS Map Camera to inspire people for taking a step forward towards social work and also deliver a piece of knowledge to society about the importance of this kind act towards the socially backward and needy people.


This is how educational institutions use GPS Map Camera in  number of different ways, Now it’s your turn to allow this app to benefit your institution as well.

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