Where and How GPS Map Camera is Being a Helping Hand to the Government

Government is all about how a group of people together works for the country and what positive changes it can bring for a country and for its citizens. It is hard for any authority to maintain stability if their efforts and results for the betterment of the village, town, city, or country do not come into people’s notice. It is important for the government to promote transparency and build trust among people.


The government provides the rules for citizens’ daily lives, safeguard them from outside influence, and frequently looks after their well-being and happiness. Some glances to show and credit for motivation are also necessary for them to work better for their country’s enhancement.


Let’s see Glimpse, how Government uses a GPS Map Camera in various sections:


Government Schemes or yojana

Indian Government, by being a responsible and productive government always step ahead with the goal to improve people’s quality of life with new ideas and contribute that concern and care through Government schemes and yojanas.


There are number of schemes/yojanas already executed in India and still many more to be added in the future which has improved and going to improve the lives of many people. Awareness campaigns about these welfare schemes are necessary to conduct to reach relevant and needful people as well as these sort of kind action by the government should get people’s love and support.


GPS Map Camera is fortunate to have the opportunity to help in this virtuous work that helps out these schemes in creating awareness to people about certain ongoing scheme events with just a photo with location tags. People believe what they see, that’s why Government executives use GPS Camera to show their great efforts and aware people about different schemes & benefits.


The list where GPS Map Camera believes to be a helper are:

  • Jal Jeevan Yojana/mission

  • Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana(Awas Construction)

  • Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana(Solar Schemes)

  • Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana(PMKVY)

  • Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana(PMAGY)

  • Urban Jyoti Abhiyan and more…

Government Agencies and Authorities

Every Country has various ministries called agencies for every department. India also has the same and no doubt, all of them have the best leaders to manage that particular department. Our country is in a progressive phase and each department is undergrowth beneath this hardworking, visionary, effortful, and successful team.


There are countable ministries in India and Likewise schemes, these authorities also ask for public support and trust for advancement. These agencies have their best team to work for a particular department and all of them together make a successful government with their strategies, plans, management, and work.


GPS Map Camera is once again fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with these highly regarded ministries in order to share photos of on-board activities. i.e. GPS Map camera assists government employees in inspection work and allows them to take photos of construction sites with address stamps in order to share an update with the public about that work. This is how government authorities establish trust among their people by sharing their ongoing work with them.


The list where GPS Map Camera feels charmed working with are:

  • Kerala Water Authority

  • Jammu Kashmir Electrical Board Authority

  • Uttar Pradesh Government Construction Authority

  • Odisha Urban Development Authority

  • Ministry of Culture

  • Ministry of Health

  • Noida Authority

  • National Advisory Council(NAC)

  • Public Work Department, Delhi

  • Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation

  • Municipal Corporation of Peerzadiguda & Many Others

Government Celebrations

It is very important to celebrate a country’s accomplishments. After all, it includes us all. Schools, companies, government offices, colleges, everyone believes to celebrate all of those proud days every year. In fact, the highest authority, our Prominent government pulls us to be a part of those celebrations by conducting social celebrations too, it should be a privilege for every citizen that our government makes effort to make us celebrate so and so days.


Small, big, or victorious! Every event needs to be captured to make history, GPS Map Camera always serves to click pictures to preserve them to share it with future days or future generations to let them know about our culture, celebrations, and love for the country.


GPS Map Camera feels honored by being invited to these celebrations at:

  • 75th Azadi Amrut Mohatsav

  • District Sports day Celebration

  • Government celebration events

  • Inaugurations and many more…


Let’s celebrate every day more together and let’s contribute a happy and joyous vibe to our country.



It is defined as the local government of a town or district but without their consistent call to work and conscious care to work keeps our country and its people clean and healthy. Execution is everything! And this part of government does it all. 


People can use a GPS Map Camera to share their local problems with the municipality using a location stamped photo so that municipality personnel can fix them faster, also municipality workers can use location stamped photos to collect evidence of various works. This behavior of reverting back to the public about their great work builds a supportive feeling inside people.


GPS Map Camera works best for Municipality worker to share their positive work towards their regional area are:

  • Road Construction

  • Roadside trees watering

  • Drainage solving

  • Parks Cleaning

  • Roads Cleaning and more…


This is how the Government gave a chance to GPS Map Camera to be a part of it, Now it’s your turn to let GPS Map Camera help you in your preferred ways. Download Now!

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