How did GPS Map Camera assist healthcare workers in raising awareness of the covid vaccine?

Covid 19! When you heard this name, a picture of the deadly virus, lockdown, and panic environment suddenly come to your mind. The year 2020 is not easy for anyone. Everyone on earth has witnessed the unprecedented situation of the coronavirus. We have been forced to live in our house only. Many have lost their lives because vaccines for this deadly virus were invented.


Scientists and researchers were working day and night to develop a covid vaccine. After 1 year of hard work, finally, the first dose of covid vaccine has been launched and the government started an initiative to give the vaccine to its people. 


However, many people criticize the covid vaccine and many rumours spread on social media & WhatsApp that it’s not safe, the vaccine would alter the genes of the body. Therefore, people were afraid to take covid 19 vaccine.

That’s why the government started various vaccination camps across the country to spread awareness and build trust for vaccines. In order to help the government, many NGOs and private institutions have organised vaccination camps. For spreading awareness, they shared geotagged photos of the vaccination camp on social media. 


Through clear picture and location tag, people were getting a level of trust and decided to take the covid vaccine. In that time of distress, GPS Map Camera helped medical workers to click geotagged photos, so people could know where the camp has organised. 


See how healthcare workers share the good work of vaccination!


Not only in covid vaccination but also you can use the GPS Map Camera app for every social or medical campaign to spread awareness for a particular cause. 


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