Share your University/College Amenities with the GPS Map Camera

The point of attraction for any student is college amenities. What type of facilities a college would provide them for their education is one of the factors, why students choose to get admission to a particular college.   

Therefore it is important for any university or college to show its campus facilities through a digital medium such as the university website and social media profile. It helps colleges to attract more students and keep enrolled students happy and stratified.

The first question that will arise when colleges want to update their website is, “What is the best way to share campus facilities online?”. For that, we first need to understand how students will search for campus amenities. 

They can search directly on the college website or social media profile.  Also, they search on Google to know about the facilities. In Google search, the image section will play a crucial role because everyone most of the time prefers visuals. If colleges geotag their amenities photos with live locations, the images would be shown on google’s image section. Where can students know about the all amenities.

That is where the GPS Map Camera app will help you to geotag photos. Use of a GPS Map Camera is too much easier than you think. Just download the app and click the picture. The app quickly geotag images with the current location. 

 Check out how universities/colleges use GPS Map Camera to showcase their campus amenities. 


Now it’s your turn! If still don’t use the GPS Map Camera app, we recommend using it for sharing all campus amenities on the website and attract more students!

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