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GPS Map Camera App with Location Latitude LongitudeAddress & DateTime Stamp on Photo

Geotag, Location, Latitude Longitude, Address & DateTime Stamp on Photo

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GPS map camera is a trusted Photo camera app for all those who want to add GPS details on photos

GPS map camera

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Add GPS coordinates as stamp templates to photos clicked by GPS Map Camera App

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Track Live location along with your captured Photos by GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location Application.

  • Easy usage

    It automatically adds your GPS data to the picture, without any struggle.

  • Custom GPS coordinates

    Conveniently add location by entering the GPS coordinates of that place.

  • Various templates

    Add a template of GPS location, weather, magnetic field, and compass.

  • Map Styles

    Normal, satellite, terrain, hybrid, select any of your favorite map styles

Most Efficient application for users

Know how to use ‘ GPS
Map Camera: Geo-tag
Photos & Add GPS
Location’ Application

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Why GPS Map Camera Is Your One Stop Camera App?

Fun to use

Easy user interface with a variety of options to choose from

Geo tagging

Geo tag photos by adding GPS coordinates & Geo Location

Custom stamp

Add details manually by using custom stamp options


Advanced camera settings are accessible from the app

Add accurate GPS details

Check How GPS Map Camera Responds To You!

An example of how GPS map camera will stamp GPS coordinates, Location, GPS map & other details on your Photo

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An app for everyone, easy and simple interface, with several handfuls of features and tools to capture amazing pictures and memories on the go.

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Amazing interface

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Really a good app. I am using it for 50 tree plantations across our area. I am tagging each sapling by this app to track and observe their growth after a certain period of time.

Sachin Daware

Awesome camera app I'm a door dash driver this is the best one so far for taking photos of the order when I deliver 😊 going to get the pro version

Alaskan Gamester

I have the paid version. So, I don't see ads. The app does what it's supposed. I want to give a shot out to the the support team for helping resolve an issue. They never left me hanging and were always quick to answer my replies. Amazing customer service. Would do business with them again.

Monica Anderson

Excellent app. We use it to mark attendance of field workers. And also to mark location of beneficiary's home.

Arangaon Jamkhed

For what I need this app for, it is great. Simple to use, different formats for timestamps, and ability to highlight the moment from weather to position of latitude and longitude. It also has extra features with minor ads. Also, the fact that there is a small map to help isolate the area you are in. There is a pro version, which I have no need for such. This is great for security detail work pictures. Great Great great… Thank you!

James Woodard

I had a great experience using this app since it gives me the exact location, coordinates, date and time of the photos. So I give it 5 stars👌

Lara Croft

I am using from 1 years this is Very useful app for me.where ever I was in trouble to get location details,it's help me a lot to locate right direction.

Amit Sharma

Asked Questions

How to add custom GPS Coordinates?

  • This tool helps you build a link to a map centered on the GPS location of your choice. The custom map created can provide directions from any GPS point to the selected center.
  • The URL takes as paramaters the latitude and longitude of the center, the zoom level and type of map.
  • The default zoom level is 10, and the default map type is the roadmap.

what are the benefits of GPS Map Camera?

  • There are many benefits to using a GPS map camera, including the ability to track your location and movements, view photos and videos, and get directions
  • GPS Map Camera App could be effectively useful to people going for outdoor activities such as trekking, kayaking, river rafting, etc.
  • The geotagging camera app can also be beneficial to adventure loving people as well as to people who love to travel and explore new places.


How to adjust the camera ratio?

  • On the left corner, touch the settings icon, you will have a ratio button. From here you can adjust the ratio of the camera screen as per your need.

How to turn on flash?

  • Touch the settings icon in the left corner to reveal a ratio button, from which you can adjust the camera screen’s aspect ratio to suit your needs.
  •  by using the touchscreen and select “Flashlight.” You can now turn the flashlight on or off, as you please.

How do I use the app without being distracted by advertisements?

  • To use it freely as well as ad free, you must buy the Pro edition.

How does the GPS Map Camera App helps out?

  • This app helps you add location coordinates to your photos so you can keep track of when and where they were taken.
  • You can also use it to timestamp the photos with both time and date.
  • The GPS Map Camera App helps you remember where you are, both on your phone and on your computer.

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